Bootland & Sons Roof Coatings


Trustworthy advice

You can trust Bootland & Sons to give their honest opinion on whether your tiled roof would benefit from a roof restoration. They will discuss your requirements and can arrange a visit for a free, no-obligation quote.

Affordable and long lasting

Bootland & Sons provides a 10-year warranty on the paint and high quality workmanship so you can rest assured that your roof will look great for years to come. Most tiled roof restorations take around 2-3 days and the team will clean away any mess, leaving you to stand back and admire your newly restored roof.

Add value to your home

Your roof makes up a large part of your property, so how it looks has a huge impact on the overall appearance of your home. Colin and Michael can bring your home to life by restoring your tired old tiled roof, adding value in the process.

The tiled roof restoration includes:

  • Broken tiles are replaced
  • Chipped tiles are repaired
  • Roof and gutters are high pressure cleaned
  • Ridges and hips are repointed using quality, flexible sealant
  • A coat of sealer is applied
  • 3 coats of Deluxe roof coating are applied
  • Large range of colours to choose from

Call Colin or Michael to arrange your roof restoration quote.