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Transform your old tiled roof

Exceptional customer service

Bootland & Sons Roof Coatings is your local family-owned tiled roof restoration business. Colin has been restoring tiled roofs for 40 years and now his three sons have also joined the family business. They pride themselves on good, old fashioned service which includes dealing directly with their customers. Customers like the fact that the people who own the business are the people who do the work, and as a result, Michael and Colin get most of their work by referral from happy customers.

Do you have a house that is more than 15 years old?

After about 15 years, a tiled roof begins to look old and damaged. The paint fades and dirt, moss and grime builds up. Ridge capping can crack and crumble. and if not repaired and restored you can get leaks and other problems. If your roof is in need of some TLC, a tiled roof restoration is a simple and cost-effective way to transform your roof, without the expense of a full roof replacement.  

The benefits of a tiled roof restoration include:

  • It extends the life of your roof.
  • It stops moisture from absorbing into the surface of your tiles.
  • Loose ridge capping is the primary damage on roofs in a storm. Re-pointing your ridge caps makes them safer in high winds.
  • It protects against UV rays which break down the pointing mortar on your roof.
  • Your roof will be more durable.
  • It prevents leaks into your roof space, protecting your home and belongings against water damage.
  • If you have rain water tanks, having your roof restored improves the quality and purity of water run-off.
  • Your roof will look fabulous!