Handy Home Hints

Kettle cleaner

Before throwing out your lemon offcuts, drop them in your kettle and bring it to the boil. Let it stand for 3 to 5 minutes then empty and rinse.


No more creases

Cut a slit in a short length of pool noodle and place it over the bar of a coathanger. This will prevent creases forming in trousers draped over the hanger.


Bag the bits

When vacuuming your home, you’ll usually come across small objects that need to be picked up. Instead of ending up with all those bits in your hand, loop a small bag over the vacuum handle to put them in.

3 uses for bubble wrap

Not just for popping!

  1. Line your crisper drawer with bubble wrap to protect produce from bumps and bruises.
  2. Fold bubble wrap into a rectangle and use it as a kneeling pad when doing gardening or other jobs.
  3. Bubble wrap is great for kids craft - use as a stamp for paint or for pressing shapes into playdough.

Easy fix for scratched plates

Remove dark scratches from light-coloured dinner plates by making a paste with cream of tartar and water. Rub it on the scratches then rinse off.


Sausage roll

If you need to remove sausage meat from the skin, roll the sausages in flour first and the skin will peel off easily.


Egg saver

Freeze leftover egg whites or yolks in ice-cube trays. Yolks should be stabilised first by beating well and adding a pinch of salt. Whites need no special treatment. Once frozen, transfer the cubes to a ziplock bag.

Keep the darks dark

Wash dark coloured jeans inside out in a cold wash to help stop them fading. Dry them indoors on a drying rack, never in the dryer.