Why Local?

Meet the gutter cleaner 

We know that Little Aussie readers love to support local businesses. So, we thought you might like to know a little more about why they love being local too. Here’s what Thomas from Gutter-Vac Midland had to say. 

I love staying local  

It all started when my parents booked Gutter-Vac to clean their gutters. I was so impressed that I started my own local Gutter-Vac business in 2011! I started advertising with Little Aussie because I liked the fact that they are all about local community. I love helping people and believe that you have to look after your customers or they just won’t come back. On one street I now do six houses which has built up from just one on the strength of customer referrals. 

The Little Aussie difference 

My wife and I love the magazine – especially the recipes. It’s these little extras that make people hang onto their magazine. I also like the fact that they only stick with reputable businesses. I’ve never heard any bad stories about Little Aussie advertisers, but I know that if they did get any negative feedback, they’d take it seriously. 

It’s all about solutions 

I believe in finding long-term solutions for my customers. One family was having their gutters cleaned four times a year – then they called me. I added gutter guard and overflow spouts to half the house, to try and solve their problem. Three months later, they called again. They were so happy with the results, they wanted me to do the rest of the house. Now the gutters only need be cleaned twice a year.  

It’s my local community too 

Community is important to me and I try to help out as much as I can. I take all the good debris and moss I collect to the local community centre for their garden project, and in the past, I’ve had truckloads of debris and earth worms that went to someone’s farm.  I also try to employ local people whenever I can.