In The Garden


Fabulous Fuchsias

Beautiful and vibrant fuchsias originate from the cool, coastal region of Central and South America. They come in a variety of shapes, forms and colours, so there’s always something perfect for your garden, pots or baskets.

Basic care

Fuchsias are renowned for their mass of distinctive, pendulous flowers. They can be grown as shrubs, standards, trailing over baskets or even trained along lattice.

Fuchsias need a sheltered, mostly shady position with morning sun. Water daily (twice daily in the heat of summer if your plants are potted) but don’t overdo it. They also benefit from a daily misting of water which increases the humidity of their environment.

A light prune after the first flowering will encourage repeat growth. Fuchsias are also greedy feeders, so sprinkle with slow release fertiliser to bring out their best.

In the garden

Choose a well-lit, shaded position with good drainage and protection from winds. Mulch well, particularly in summer, to keep their roots cool.

In pots or baskets

Use a quality, well-draining potting mix with the addition of a slow release fertiliser, along with water crystals blended through the mix to give them a good start. If a fuchsia in a pot or basket dries out, immerse the container into a bucket of water and leave it to soak thoroughly.