T-shirt scarf
Give your old t-shirts a makeover

How to Upcycle a T-Shirt into a Scarf

Don't throw out those daggy old t-shirts! Give them a new life as a unique scarf. This project can be completed in less than half an hour and doesn't even require sewing skills!

Gather your supplies

  • Old t-shirts in co-ordinating colours. The bigger the better. Seamless t-shirts are an added bonus.
  • Scissors


  1. Cut across the body of the t-shirt to make strips that are approximately 4cm wide. The strips don't need to be neat and the width of each strip can vary.
    Cut strips from t-shirt
  2. Hold the fabric firmly and stretch the strips as far as possible. They will lengthen and curl inwards to create soft tubes.
    stretch the fabric as much as possible
  3. Gather all the tubes together to create a multi-strand loop, aligning the seams.
    Gather strips together
  4. Double it over, twisting into a second loop.
    Double the loop over
  5. Tie a spare piece of fabric round the seams. This holds it together as well as covering the seams.
    Cover the seams with spare fabric