GymbaROO Joondalup

Children's Play Programme Joondalup

Baby, toddler and school readiness classes

Develop your child's potential

Fiona and the team at GymbaROO Joondalup love working in partnership with parents, grandparents and carers to give each and every child the opportunity to develop to their full potential. For 18 years they have been providing quality neuro-developmental programs for babies and children aged from birth to six years.

Classes for every stage of development

GymbaROO classes start with non-crawling and crawling classes and continue right through to school readiness classes. These classes are specific for ages and stages of development and include activities that promote the development of physical, social, emotional, communication and thinking skills at each level of development.

Movement is the key to Learning

Every song sung, every game played and every activity at GymbaROO is specifically designed to increase a child’s capability to learn. The Australian-developed, research-based program ensures that each child has the opportunity to lay the crucial foundations for later learning and fosters the normal sequence of development appropriate to each child’s stage of development.

At GymbaROO you join other local families and experience the wonderful socialisation, learning and movement opportunities involved in the program.