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Garage sale items

How to run a successful garage sale

Thinking of holding a garage sale? Here’s a few useful tips to help make your sale fun and profitable.

Plan your sale

  • Get your neighbours in on the action; multiple sales on one street will attract more buyers.
  • Give yourself enough time to get organised. Be sure to have enough items to make your sale worthwhile for visitors.
  • Ensure you have enough tables and clothes racks. Items on tables are more likely to be picked up and bought than items on the floor.
  • Wash all dirty sale items.
  • Collect plastic bags for people to put their purchases in as well as old newspaper for wrapping fragile items.
  • Make sure you have LOTS of change, a money belt and a calculator ready for the big day.
  • Prepare plenty of arrows and signs directing traffic to your house. Make sure directions are clear and legible.

Spread the word

  • Advertise your sale online, through social media or in the newspaper, create flyers and put up in the local schools and shops.
  • List special items you have for sale that people might be drawn to (e.g. white goods, clothing brands, furniture, antiques).

The big day

  • Wait until your garage sale is ready before you put out your signage.
  • Create a friendly atmosphere by playing music and offering free cool drinks, coffee and cake or lollies.
  • Make it easy for buyers who are looking for specific items by grouping similar goods together such as crockery, clothes, knick-knacks.
  • Put a price on every item, it will make things much easier. Or you could have a colour coding system (red dot $1, Blue dot $2 etc).
  • Offer discounts for bundled purchases and throw extra items in if it helps to make a sale.
  • Hang clothes up or sort them into types of clothing to make it easier for customers.
  • Offering a fill-a-bag price for clothes or books will encourage buyers and help clear those racks!
  • Display fragile or expensive items out of reach of children.
  • Be truthful about your items for sale; don’t say that something works if it doesn’t (they know where you live!)
  • Run an extension cord out to your sale area for people to check electrical items.
  • Provide a changing area and a mirror for people to try on clothing.
  • Lock your house and keep pets inside.
  • Consider a ‘Free’ box for items that are of little or no value.
  • Have fun and remember not to price yourself out of a sale - you don’t want to be left with lots of your unwanted goods after a long day of bargaining.
  • Remove posters and direction signs as soon as possible once your garage sale is over.