Free publicity in your community area

To help increase awareness of your community group, we offer free advertising in your local community area.

We work with groups and associations that are community-focused and in need of a little help to promote themselves.

To promote your community group or event please email or register online.

Different ways to promote your organisation

Useful Numbers listing

This is a collection of useful local numbers that residents can refer to and find contact information for your organisation. Click to see example

What's On listing

Listing for events & classes in the What's On section of the magazine and online. Click to see example

Free community advert

Publicise your organisation or event with one free community advert per year (subject to space). Click to see example

Paid community advert

If you wish to continue advertising with Little Aussie, we can offer specially discounted advertising rates.

Community artwork specifications guide

Want to supply your own artwork? Not a problem, our artwork specification for a free advert is 65mm (wide) x 46.5 mm (high). Please note we add a border plus a coloured line at the bottom which is part of our community style. The line at the bottom will cover 2mm of artwork.

Contact us

To promote your community group email or register your event online.