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The Little Aussie Directory is an A5 colour magazine and is delivered six times per year to local residents.

With a new copy arriving every second month, most residents keep it on their coffee table or by the telephone ready to read and use

Your Little Aussie Directory is jam-packed full of useful local content

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Stuart – Wembley Downs
What a great magazine, I love the discounts and it has great coverage of local trades.

Really Handy.
John N – Willetton 
You are doing a great job with your magazine, it's clear and concise and really easy to find the trades people I need.  Also, it doesn’t take up much room!

Cisio – Victoria Park      
Your “Little Aussie Directory” has a permanent place on our coffee table. We’ve already used several trades’ people who advertise over the last 12 months, and this week as the Little Aussie Directory landed in our letterbox, I opened it and found someone to buy my new lock from. 

Patricia – Fremantle          
I really, really love your magazine, I keep it nice and handy by my phone.  The handy home hints are excellent, I have tried most of them. Your staff are friendly and helpful. I have been recommending it to all my friends who have businesses and to local community groups.

Bill Birks – Osborne Park   
I absolutely love the Little Aussie Directory.  I have used the air-con people to fix my air-conditioner. Their staff were lovely and even in this busy period they found space for me. It’s great to have a nice honest business come out and not try and sell something you don’t need. I will definitely recommend them and feel confident to use other Little Aussie Services now too.

David – Kiara     
I find your Little Directory very useful, I have used the plumber and the oven cleaning people. It is really handy, I use it regularly, keep having to borrow my friends as I lend mine out to other people.

Lorraine – Joondanna         
It's great being able to use business that are just down the road, I have used the cabinet maker a couple of times and he was fantastic.  My husband keeps ours handy on his desk.

Sam – Harrisdale           
Love the magazine, I keep mine handy on top of the microwave.  It is my first port of call when I need something! It's great as it has a diverse range of products, and loads of local things to do, it's great for us as we have just moved into a new area.

Wendy – Tuart Hill             
We would just like to say how much we enjoy the Little Aussie Directory.  The articles are so interesting and all the information useful.  We keep every copy and refer back to them when needed.

Joyce – Carlisle 
What a great read! The information is great for local people.  I love the calendar and the Handy Home Hints, both go on the fridge unless they are back to back and I have to steal one from my neighbour.  Keep it up, it's great.

Margaret – East Victoria Park            
Your directory is really handy for people to refer to, and it's helpful. Mine is by the phone.  I enjoy the recipes, the calendar is really useful, it covers everything.  I never throw my directories out and I keep all the back issues

Maureen – Huntingdale      
Your recipes are great, my favourites are the Rhubarb Muffins & the Anzac Cake.  I have used lots of the tradies including the gutter man, home maintenance and the plumber.  It's a great size and easy to read, a real community magazine.

Margaret – Double View     
I love reading my directory, but usually have to wait as hubby grabs it first.  I use it every week for one thing or another, I love the discounts.  Ours sits on our bookshelf with all of our back issues.

Jane – Canning Vale     
I just wanted to tell you how grateful I am see your publication.  I have just moved into Canning Vale, and it arrived on Saturday with everything I need to get stuff done on my house.  I am thrilled that it is local and I can use local businesses.  I am just about to get my blinds fixed by one of your advertisers, thank you.

Laura – Dianella
What a great magazine, I keep mine handy on the shelf.  The fact that all the information is collated in my local area is fabulous, I have already used the Paver and the Carpenter and am now looking for a Handyman. The recipes are good and it's a great source for people to have things done around their house.

Pamela – Beechboro
I think your magazine is essential for seniors, with all the local info, it has everything I want and I don't have to ring around for it.  I have joined one of the seniors group and love it. The Useful Numbers are convenient. I love the recipes as I cook regularly.  I keep mine in a plastic folder so I can refer to it for things like the garden hints.

Robert – Morley
Thank you for your little magazine, I am 93 years old and cannot get around much, especially since I lost my wife.  I keep mine handy near the phone.  It is so helpful, especially for seniors, really beneficial.

Irene – Redcliffe
What a wonderful little book with the recipes and Handy Home Hints. I am definitely going to volunteer for Meals on Wheels after reading your article. The calendar is really useful. It's so beautifully presented and I keep mine handy on the fridge.  I love it and best of all it's free!

Shirley – Bicton 
I just wanted to pass on my thank you for providing such a great little magazine.  I love the Local Bits & Pieces.  The whole book is very informative.  I keep the calendar for my diary, I love reading my book whilst I am having a cuppa.

Alaric – Woodvale          
I find your directory very informative, I tear out the local tradies that I need and I love the photos too as that makes it more personal.  It has really good, handy information, things like the Parliamentary information.

Leslie – Jurien Bay          
I have a property in Como, so I always grab a directory when I am in the area.  I have used the Electrician, the Plumber and the Tiler.  It's really convenient knowing what's available.  The gardening articles are great, especially the Citrus one, I copied it and sent it to my daughter.

Carolyn – Cannington        
I am a real fan of Little Aussie Directories, I love that it's dropped off in my letterbox, it's a convenient size and good quality paper. I always check the What's On? Page, and keep the list of phone numbers on my fridge.  I keep the actual directory with my project files in case I need it in the future.

Margaret – Double View 
I think your magazine is wonderful, it always contains so many interesting things.  I love the recipes and they are always so simple.  As a senior I love how it helps me to know what is going on in the area.  I keep all of mine stacked up on my bookshelf.

Jenny – Bateman             
I look forward to receiving my Little Aussie Directory, I love the Handy Home Hints, I have learnt so much from them.  I keep mine near my TV Remote Control, then when something goes wrong I know where it is.  I have used a couple of the tradies, and the carpet cleaner.

Leonora – Thornlie              
I love getting all the information on what's available in the area.  I have used the rendering people and the handyman, they were great.  It is good that the information is local and also that it is small, not like other advertising.  And there is such a variety with new things every issue.